Have you ever felt that your thoughts were not your own? That your fears were unrealistic? That your anxiety came without probable cause? Have you suffered through indescribable pain, felt abandoned, or alone? This journey is to help you see through the lies that your mind has been telling you. It is difficult to understand that every thought you have is not your own. It is a disconnected and troubling concept. However, when you realize the truth- that some stories that your mind tries to tell you are simple a regurgitation of the past- you will become mindfully aware that these thoughts no longer serve you. These thoughts only make you perseverate about pending doom. This is not your current reality. Think about it like this: Do you ever get caught up thinking about something bad that happened 10-plus years ago? Maybe you got a divorce, were physically attacked, lost your job, or were molested by someone your trusted. Do you find yourself reliving that story over and over again? The reality that those things happened to you is true. You did suffer those things, but that does not define you today. You suffered through that loss then, not now. You are in control of not allowing those depressive thoughts to overtake your mind, time and life. Only you can make yourself a victim a second time. The first time, you had no control over it; you suffered through it and lived. So many people do not live through their victimizations, so you must be here for a valuable reason. Breaking the cycle of belief- that your mind may not be telling you the absolute truth-will start you on a healing path that will reduce, and eventually eliminate, your fears and anxieties. You will then be able to be and do all the things you have dreamed about. Welcome to the rest of your life!